Roon Nucleus and DRC by Dirac

If I were to buy a Nucleus, how would I implement a DRC?
I am using a MacMini at present with Roon Server on it and Dirac DRC (Dirac Live Processor) running as stand-alone. This works well, but for my other living place I am looking for a solution.

So, on a Nucleus, I assume, you could not install a DRC system, except one that can be implemented in Roon itself (e.g. Thierry’s approach).

You can’t use Dirac and a Nucleus directly. You could have another pc as a endpoint running Roonbridge and Dirac and use it like you do currently on the Max, but the Nucleus itself cannot run anything other than Roons code. You can use Roons own DSP engine though to achieve similar results using the convolution engine. You would need to use some software to perform the readings and create the filters needed or use a 3rd party such as HAF there is even an iOS app called HouseCurve that can help.


Thanks. You confirm my hunch.

It’s just that the Dirac convolution is by far the best availabble and is more than a simple equalizer.

Try HAF you may be very surprised the filters Thierry creates are not simple eq.

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I have both, HAF and the Dirac DRC, and compared them. I give a slight thumbs up to Dirac, but HAF is not bad either and he is very helpful.

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