Roon Nucleus and KEF LS50 Wireless II cannot play DSD files

Hi guys,
My system includes:
KEF LS50 Wireless II - 2 speakers connected via ethernet cable.
Roon Nucleus (Rev B) with 1TB SSD drive to store music.
Nucleus is connected to modem. KEF LS50 WII is wifi.

I cannot seems to play any DSD files (dff, dsf format), whether DSD64 or DSD128.
When I click play on a DSD album, Roon loads for a few seconds and then stop. With DSD128 no sound at all, with DSD64 music plays for a few seconds and stops.

Would you please help me how to play DSD files on my setup? Thank you.
Attached is screenshots of signal path and the settings in Roon.

Connect the speakers to the network via ethernet. DSD is not supported in wifi mode. Check the specs on the KEF web site.

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Hi John,
I read some comments in this topic saying LS50W II can stream DSD via wifi.

Also in the manual, KEF says DSD can be streamed via network, I think they mean both ethernet and wifi (to clarify with other inputs).

And I think network means ethernet. Why not run a cable and try it?

I will have to buy 10metre long ethernet cable and runs over the kitchen because the speakers are sitting in another room while the modem and Roon Nucleus are in another room. That’s why I want to ask everyone in advance.

Move the speakers. It is just to test.


Consider converting DSD to PCM on Roon (so KEFs receive PCM). This conversion happens anyway and it doesn’t really matter where it happens.