Roon nucleus - backup restored but roon incompatible

i’ve just purchased roon nucleus plus.
I restored a back up taken today on my mac running version 2.0 (build 1259). the back-up restored successfully and nucleus restarted.
When I logged back on I get the message “this version of Roon is not compatible with your database”. Please help.

Did you update your Nucleus to build 1259? New ones don’t come with the latest update preinstalled

hi there - thanks no How do i do that?

Oh, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Normally it should work by starting the remote Roon app and going to Settings > About. You should see the current version number of the Nucleus software and most likely a prompt to update (if its Roon version is not yet 2.0 build 1259)

If that doesn’t work, go to the web administration interface of the Nucleus by entering http://nucleus in a web browser in your home LAN. If you have a decent router, this should take you to the admin page. Then click the Reinstall button in the Operating System section. This will update both the operating system and the Roon Server Software to the latest versions.

See the description and screenshot here under Update Nucleus Firmware from the Web Administration Interface:

If your router does not find the Nucleus with http://nucleus, then you probably need to use the IP address of the Nucleus instead, after the http://. This can happen if a (not decent) router does not provide a name resolution service on the LAN. Let me know if it comes to that.

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