Roon Nucleus connecting via HDMI to Mcintosh MX170 a/v Processor

Reviewing past topics looks like the Mcintosh a/v processors will work with Roon even though they aren’t officially tested … good news there - I am considering the Roon Nucleus to get files from my Synology NAS to my Mcintosh MX170 processor’s internal DAC (no interest in Tidal) … I’d much prefer using HDMI over USB … will that work with the Nucleus … some threads state it will even send the metadata to my monitor (if not I can simply mirror my iPad correct?


My Denon worked with the NUC to receiver HDMI connection before it was Roon Tested so you should not have any issues there. Don’t expect any video over HDMI, it only shows the NUC/Nucleus boot screen information.


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