Roon Nucleus+ in 2 homes

I have a lifetime membership operating a Roon Nucleus+. I also have a holiday house where I would like to add a second Roon Nucleus+. Can I do that without having to have a second lifetime membership? Or is it possible to use the existing Roon Nucleus+ at my holiday home over the internet (leaving original Nucleus+ at my home)? I would only being using at one house at any one time.


Yes, both scenarios are perfectly possible. See this article in the KB. One license can be shared between multiple Roon Cores, as long as only one Core is in use at any one time.

I do this and it’s quite easy. You do have to locate the new Roon core on your network when you go to the second home, then unauthorize the first Roon core, then do the same when you return to the first home. Takes about 5 seconds.

Thank. Can I just check…Can I leave my Nucleus+ in my first home, and access it via internet from my holiday home by doing as you suggest?

I don’t think so. I believe you need two Roon cores, one in each home.

You can put the Roon core on a laptop.

That works for me. I run it on a Macbook Pro, and I can run it in any location. I would probably have transferred it to a fixed device for use at home, but I like the flexibility of having it with me all the time.

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I agree. I keep thinking about getting a Nucleus, but then I ask myself why?

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