Roon nucleus output to SPDIF/TOSLINK

Apologies if this has been asked before – I really did try to do a search of the forums before posting.

I’m completely new to Roon and am trying to add support to my existing high-end 2-channel system.

Problem: The Roon Nucleus server has two digital outputs: HDMI and USB. My fancy expensive DAC has only SPDIF and TOSLINK inputs. What is the best route to connect the two devices that preserves the full digital fidelity of the signal?

The simplest approach appears to be an HDMI audio extractor. They claim to convert PCM encoded streams to SPDIF/TOSLINK. However, will it work with DSD? Is DSD even an output option? Is there a better option via the USB output? Or is my whole approach misguided?

Looking forward to some expert guidance.

Thanks in advance,

There are plenty of USB to S/PDIF adaptors available. Maybe try one of these?

DSD will output from the Nucleus from what I’ve read and seen online, but I doubt you’ll find an hdmi splitter that will output DoP via S/PDIF.

Stick with a USB to S/PDIF adaptor.

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