Roon Nucleus RAM Upgrade?

A quick summary. My link suggest the only real benefit is marginally lower CPU use in dual channel. Both articles show no real world benefit bestowed by dual (or quad) channel in performance bench marking.

My Nucleus has 2 identical 4GB memory sticks. If I wanted to upgrade to 2 identical 8GB memory sticks (just for the heck of it), what would be a good pair to order from Amazon US? Thanks.

I upgraded mine for the same reason. Just make sure you match your specs on your current sticks to the 8gb stick. If buying from amazon just look for a bunch of good reviews. If I’m not mistaken, they’re mostly all fairly comparable. Hope that helps.

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I could almost hear your sigh from here as you posted this Danny :wink:


I’ve been considering replacing RAM in a V1 Nuclues +, as the performance is lagging with a library of over 10,000 albums. It’s not the home network causing the lag (sometimes Roon won’t connect at all from a remote interface) but it could definitely be ISP related (will look at replacing the modem and having the incoming cable inspected)

Anyway, could replacing the RAM potentially fix this problem?

That N+ had 8GB, which should be more than enough for 10k albums (about 100k tracks). What type of performance lag are you feeling?

If Roon won’t connect at all from a remote, that’s 100% a local network issue and not your ISP.


And of course you’re right and we did address the network…but perhaps the network still needs some work (it’s tough because everything else is running so smoothly except for just the Nuc+). But for a moment let’s jut assume the network settings are correct and there is no issue connecting to the Nucleus. So the remaining issues are:

-Nucleus + is painfully slow to start up after a reboot
-artist/song searches take a very long time…up to 5 minutes

Could adding RAM alleviate either of these issues (again, with the assumption that the storage NAS and network are functioning correctly)?

No, ram increase would only prevent crashes. The Nucleus does not swap memory to disk. If Roon runs out of RAM, it doesn’t slow down, it crashes.

Make two topics about each of those two issues with a lot more information. Both seems very off.

Search is via the internet in most cases, so if it was 5s for you, it’d be 5s for everyone, which it is not (I just searched). Something is off.

Thanks Danny. That’s all I was really looking for; a concise description of how RAM works on the Nucleus+ and that increasing it will make not fix this particular issue.

We’ll address the Synology NAS next and see if that improves performance


This is my i3 roon nucleus rev b from Roon. Can it support two sticks of ram? I am suffering from freeze and low album loading with 90,000 tracks in my libary. I would like to add a total of 2 sticks of ram to see if it will solve the problem.

Yes, I put 2-8’s in mine.

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Buy a paired set if possible.

If you only want to add one stick to an existing stick, make sure it’s the same model, same speed, from the same brand (for stability). It is preferred to be the same capacity as well (for higher bandwidth due to dual channel), but I believe this is less critical.

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RAM is cheap , well relatively in the hobby we’re in . I built a 10i7 NUC recently and put 32 Gb in , you can never have enough !!

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I upgraded my Nucleus+ (Rev A) with these:

Also worked fine on NUC8i7 running ROCK. Original RAM in the Nucleus+ was also supplied by Kingston.

Does Roon specify RAM upgrade recommendations for Nucleus Plus?

If you have a very large library they might suggest it here in support if it was struggling. Other than that leave it alone. Saying that I found upgrading to 16gb helped on my rock with my not huge library. It just became a bit more snappy.

Hi @Mark_Stein, I’ve merged your question into this topic, have a read it should answer your question.

May I ask if the following 32GB KINGSTON RAM will work with my Nucleus basic (4GB)?

Also, what is the maximum RAM that the Nucleus will support?