Roon Nucleus+ There was an error checking for Update

Long time Roon user. My Core has always been on my Mac Laptop. Trying to setup my new Nucleus as my core.

I can see the Nucleus+ on my network, and can access with Web Browser. Formatted the hard drive I installed into the Nucleus.

When I try to connect Roon App to new Nucleus+, I get a message “an update is ready to be installed”…

When I click download and install, I get an error “There was an error checking for an update”.

I get the same error when I try and connect to Core from my iPhone or iPad…

I have updated the Roon OS on the Nucleus (via the web browser) and restarted the server. Shutdown the Nucleus and restarted. Reset the database on the nucleus.No luck.

Need help. Thanks

just go to the web ui for the nucleus and hit ‘reinstall’ – or is that what you are saying does not work?

Yes, I have done that several times through the Web UI… It says please wait while downloading and installing… Says successful. I have also restarted the server, and rebooted the Nucleus+

Operating System Version 1.0 Build 175 stable
Roon Server Version 1.6 Build 416
Roon Labs Software Version 1.0 Build 11

I purchased the Nucleus+ via Amazon, but it was shipped directly to me this week by Roon Labs…

I’m frustrated. Thanks for your help

Here is the screenshot when I try to connect from my Macbook. Same error I get when trying from my iPhone or iPad

I have also reset the roon database on the Nucleus… here is Nucleus screenshot from Web UI… and I can also connect to the Roon Core on my Macbook from my iPhone or ipad… just not to the core on the nucleus+.

looking… give me a few…

ok, try to hit reinstall now and let me know… I don’t have a box running 1.6, but i see an issue that I just deployed a quick fix for.

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OK; that seems to work. The versions did change on the Nucleus this time. I am able to connect the roon app from my MacBook, and iPhone… Now I will move my music to the Nucleus and restore my roon backup to the nucleus…

I’ll let you know if I have any more issues. And thank you for the quick response…

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