Roon Nucleus to I2S DAC via Sonore

Looking for feedback on my planned Nucleus to I2S DAC set-up… appreciate any guidance on the below:

Thank you!

Too many devices involved. Skip the Sonore devices and add the PS Audio Bridge II card to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC (if not already there). Fiber optice cable for ethernet will not give you any benefits. Also these 2 Sonore devices also requies power (so why clean up, when you add more noise with multiple devices in the signal path?) - stick to a simple signal path.

More power supplies, more cables and more transition between formats is not optimal (it will most likely work fine, but it is a waste of time and money).

Optimally you have a built in streamer in the DAC (hence the Bridge II card). This will always be the most optimal solution :slight_smile:

I respectfully disagree! The Rendu offers total Galvanic isolation, free from all network noise and pollution. As a user myself I highly recommend it! Awesome when using the Ultra Digital I2S into the DS! IMHO


I have bounced around with multiple streamers (though never the Sonore) and the Bridge II for many years now with my DirectStream. My 60-year-old ears can’t distinguish meaningful sonic differences among any of them, or at least any of the “better” ones.

I keep going back to the Bridge II for the simple reason that it seems to be the only good way to adjust volume on this endpoint from within Roon itself instead of switching to a different remote/app to do it. Pure laziness I guess. :slight_smile:

That said, I do have another endpoint on order (the Mercury Streamer from to try yet another I2S endpoint. Glutton for punishment am I.

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I haven’t tried fiber network solution, but I have tried the built-in ethernet endpoint on my Mola Mola vs a Nucleus connected via USB w/ the endpoint powered by an SBooster BOTW MkII. I prefer the sound via USB and not by a little bit… it’s much better to my ears.

I have no direct experience w/the Directstream DAC, but I suspect that running an ethernet card inside the DAC is a source of noise which is better avoided.

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Yes, noise from the cable connection seems to be what most people fear with my setup. I’ve read on the PSAudio forums that even the presence of an un-cabled Bridge II card can theoretically still add noise. So if you really want to do side-by-side comparison, one should remove the Bridge to make sure the USB feed is as quiet as possible. While that may limit noise, it’s not a testing effort I’m willing to undertake.

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