Roon Nucleus+ vs Nucleus: Meaning of "Track Numbers"?

The standard advice is that if you have 100 000 tracks on your hard drive you need a Nucleus+ but what on earth DOES this mean??? To clarify I am a “classical” music listener, though I hate the term “classical” for the general public, this is the standard term in currency. I currently have about 33K tracks on my hard drive.

The problem is that the average “classical” track is longer than a popular music genre track of around 3-minute length. For the last CD I burnt to hard drive, the track timings were as follows:


Does a 19:30 length track count as around 6 popular music type tracks or only as one track for the Nucleus?

If you have 33K tracks averaging around 6 minutes in length would this be the equivalent of 66K tracks averaging around 3 minutes in length?

I have thousands of CDs I haven’t ripped to hard drive, so I probably need a Nucleus+ anyway, but I am curious to know the answer anyway.

The machine (computer) power required for a database engine is directly proportional to the size of the database. In this case is the number of tracks that dictate the database size, not the track length. Anyway, the tracks length matters against the physical storage.

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