Roon Nucleus with Control 4 Audio Matrix Switch

Where is everyone getting the cable to connect a Roon Nuc to a Audio Matrix switch with standard RCA’s. I want to pipe the audio from the nuc to multiple rooms.

Nucleus. Not NUC?

Yes Nucleus

The Nucleus connects to devices across the network or direct via USB. I don’t know Control 4 or any of its hardware so I couldn’t advise how to integrate it into Roon.

Hi @Sunil_Patel,

I’m not sure I understand your question here. When you purchase a Nucleus, you can set up several audio zones - endpoints. Then you can use the Control4 module to control these zones.

If you are looking for a device with an RCA output, you can use an endpoint with an RCA output. There are quite a few endpoints that we have tested and certified to work with Roon, if you want to see a list of these devices, a list can be found here (make sure to check that the endpoint has RCA output.

If you want different content to each room, you’ll need multiple endpoints and tell Roon to play to them separately. Also, you can use fairly affordably devices such as Rasberry Pi’s as endpoints and put Ropieee/DietPi on them.