Roon Nucleus with DAC/Streamer. Best way to setup

Buying a new Streamer that has a built in DAC (Cary Audio DMS600)

Still have a Roon Nucleus box.


  1. Should I still use the Nucleus as a Roon Core or my Mac as the Roon Core?
    Which sounds better?

  2. I have a 2TB HDD in the Roon Nucleus. Is that better than hooking an Ext HDD for music files onto the Cary Audio?

  3. The Nucleus is linked to the Cary Audio DMS600 by ethernet because the 600 doesn’t have a USB B input.

Ethernet is same sound quality as USB B?


Continue using the Nucleus as your Core to serve music from the 2TB hard disk. Both Nucleus and DMS600 should have an Ethernet cable connecting them to your ISP router or a network switch if you have one.

This is the optimum setup for music playback.

  1. It shouldn’t make too much difference sound wise but in terms of ease, keep Nucleus as Roon Core.
  2. If you hook your music up to the Cary you will probably not be able to access them through Roon. For simplicity keep them on the Nucleus.
  3. Plug your Nucleus, the Cary Audio device and a link back to your internet into a dedicated SOHO switch if they are to be in the same room. This doesn’t need to be too fancy to get it to work.

Great and thanks. This is how I have set it up. Just wanted to confirm. Cheers

So a dedicated switch for just the Nucleus and Cary is what you are suggesting?

Sound logical. Will try that.


Yes. It’ll simplify the movement of data.

What brand/model switch do you suggest?

What about ethernet cables? freebies good enough or suggest after market cables?

A good 5 port Netgear with standard ethernet 5e cables would be fine.

I went with CAT6a. But the above advice is sound. Start with a basic Netgear or TP-Link five port switch. Get everything working to your satisfaction. It’ll be time well spent.