Roon Nucleus with HDMI out to Oppo 203

Thanks! Yes, I want to use the Oppo DAC too, but can’t figure out an easy way. If I go RCA out of the Oppo straight to the amps, I’ll have to give up my sub. (I could connect it to the Oppo, but then I can’t use it with the Marantz). Plus, I wonder if the room correction of the Marantz is more vital than the superior DAC in the Oppo. Questions, questions.

I guess I would try it and see what you think. You can always purchase another subwoofer.

I’m not understanding what you mean by giving up your sub.

I have my NUC USB out to an OPPO 205. Also have the Ethernet Roon Ready connection to the OPPO. The NUC HDMI is connected to my Denon receiver.

All speakers are connected to the receiver in a 7.2.4 configuration.

The OPPO has the 7.1 RCA analog outputs and HDMI connected to the Denon.

The only time I don’t get the sub channel is when I use the NUC USB to OPPO connection. That is 2 channel only.

The Ethernet connection to the OPPO is 2.1. The OPPO DAC is doing the decoding with the 7.1 analog RCA outputs to the receiver and the receiver is doing the decoding over the HDMI connection. Both use the sub channel.

The NUC HDMI to receiver or OPPO plays the multi-channel files.

Again, the subs are driven with all the connections except for the USB to OPPO. And as you mentioned OPPO 7.1 RCA connections bypass the room correction.

I wasn’t all that clear about it. Here is what I ran into. I wanted to make use of the Oppo DAC, so I connected front right and front left RCAs from the Oppo to the Marantz AVR, but got no sound. I made the assumption that maybe the Oppo wouldn’t let me connect both HDMI and RCAs to the receiver at the same time. Everyone tells me that is fine, however, so I must have some other issue (maybe it’s as simple as the Oppo volume is turned down). When have time, I’ll reconnect the RCAs and try to figure it out. But you are saying that if I connect right and left front from Oppo to AVR, the AVR will take care of the sub channel from there?

Note, one of you is talking Oppo 203 and the other Oppo 205. They are not totally the same.

Stephen, I have HDMI from my Oppo 203 connected to Bose while I have a pair of Sennheiser headphones connected to Oppo RCA. They are both active at the same time. Maybe there is a setting in your receiver to switch on the RCA inputs.

I think you can connect an RCA subwoofer out from the Oppo 203 to your receiver for the analog signal. Your Oppo 203 has RCA subwoofer out. There are actually 8 RCA outs for FR, C, FL, SR, SL, SBL, SBR, SW.

This is super dependent on the capabilities of your AVR. My AVR (really processor) has a ADC on all analog inputs. It passes all analog untouched from input to output full-range. It also samples the analog input into the ADC, applies the sub crossover configuration, and sends that out the LFE. So, yes, the downside is I’m using the DAC in the AVR for the low end to the subs. However, its crossed down so low it doesn’t really bother me. I do plan to replace the subs at some point to get around this limitation (and get something that can tap directly off the L/R amp). But, anywhoo, dig into how your AVR works and identify if there is some kind of direct mode which still allows you to use the bass management without touching the mids/highs. Most processors have this capability.

Which Marantz receiver do you have?

@Jim_F - the difference here that I overlooked is if @Stephen_Marion has the Marantz receiver with the multi-channel analog inputs to connect the multi-channel analog output from the OPPO. Without that the receiver may not have a sub input to go with the FL FR inputs. I understand the issue now.

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NR1608. It only has analog inputs for left and right, but (I think) it’s still capable of crossing over for the sub.

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This is why I want a stereo amp and speakers for RCA out from my Oppo 203. I want 3-way passive speakers, but could live with 2-way and another subwoofer. I’ll use my Bose for the occasional 5.1 LP.