Roon Nucleus with Intel i9

Now that the intel I9 processor, with 10 to 18 cores (US$1000 to US$2000) is out, I wonder when will we see an I9 Roon Nucleus. Is Roon already working on it?

The first thing roon will say is its overkill and not necessary…

And we’ll say who cares we want the fastest most powerful processor

If roon hasn’t already thought about it, the processors in Nucleus should be a plug in upgrade…

Absolutely! Two points to check are: (i) if the Nucleus case can dissipate the extra heat, and (ii) if the external power supply can handle the extra demand.

I really doubt Roon is working on an i9 Nucleus. While you might be able to swap CPUs, (assuming they are not actually embedded in the motherboard), you would only be able to swap within the same socket family. You would not be able to swap in a CPU which requires a different socket, like the i9.

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The CPU is embedded in a NUC so no joy there. If there is to be an i9 NUC (which I doubt right now) then you might be able to stick ROCK on it.

No need for this level of processing power…for what?..but why ask for more electrical noise when you simply want to serve music to your dac?

I’m under the impression a big design point on new processors is less noise
I’ll bet the i9 doesn’t give off much more heat than i7
Swap the chip or swap the board it should be a consideration…
With the intro of i9 shouldn’t i5 and i7 prices drop?

Is Nucleus a NUC or a ground up design? Hopefully the latter…

Why do you think more power means more electrical noise? More power means more heat which in turn means mechanical noise to keep it cool.

The NUCleus is based on a NUC board.

The i9 is solidly a desktop CPU. All of the new Core i9 processors, along with the 6- and 8-core i7 chips, are all 140 W and give off a ton more heat than the standard 91W or 45W 4 core i7s.

…not to mention the 28W i7 NUC or the 15W i5/i3 NUCs

Right those are based on Mobile CPUs. But, I will add a quote to other to be more on point.

Thanks for those specs guys!

You can’t simply pull the CPU chip from a NUC – they’re soldered in place – plus you will have different power requirements, architecture mismatches - socket differences (2066 vs 2011v3), RAM architecture differences, etc. etc.

You’re going from a completely different processor architecture to another. You’d have to buy a completely new NUC. And sooner or later, they will make i9 NUC’s, but don’t hold your breath as it might be a year or more.

For info directly related to your question:

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i9 is not on the roadmap.