Roon Nucleus with my equipment

First apologies if this post doesnt make sense
Total Newbie to Roon here and not sure if it’s necessary.

Currently running the following audio systems in my house:
Wilsenton R8 Integrated Amp–>Tidal–>Bluesound Node
HiFi Rose–>Tidal—>Chord Qutest DAC

Outdoors and Kids Rooms- Just Sonos Active Speakers using the Sonos app

Would Roon Nucleus be of any value to me?
Do you hook just 1 DAC up to the Roon and then it’s used in all systems?
I have a ton of CDs that i play in a CD Player as well

Hi Robert.

You don’t hook Roon up to anything. Roon is a piece of software, that you install on a server. Preferable on a NUC (the Nucleus is, in my opinion, nothing but an extremely overpriced NUC in a fancy case). The NUC with the Roon software needs to be on the same network, as all your audio hardware. Preferably all connected via ethernet.

Your audio hardware needs to be Roon Ready or Roon Tested to be of any use. All Sonos speakers work well with Roon (in my experience).

I’m not quite sure what you want with Roon, as I think Tidal connect works on all your hardware.

Unless you want to rip all your cds, I think you’re golden with your current setup.

As mentioned, Roon is a Software system, that you can load on any computer. Some go further and dedicated a whole PC to the job, aka the referenced NUC or Nucleus, but, that isn’t required.

Bit confused , you don’t mention a server . The Nucleus is a specific Roon server running Roon software . You feed from that to the network and hence to a Roon end point and then to your DAC

The Nucleus is an appliance , plug it in and forget it , the software “self manages”. ROCK (Roon Optimized Core Kit) is Roon’s comparable software for the Intel NUC platform

As to whether you need one, there are many ways of providing the Server within the Roon ecosystem, they have been mentioned. How many tracks are we talking about. The most popular are are the NUC / ROCK , various Mac computers , a standard desktop PC , basically a PC with a decent processor and an SSD. It depends on your OS leanings.

As an example , I have just under 200k tracks, I use a NUC 10 i7 with an internal 4Tb SSD and an external 5Tb USB drive. My library is probably on the big side but the set up I use is quite common, its a very small unit , the Nucleus uses the same hardware but in a custom fanless enclosure.

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It might help to familiarize yourself with the Roon Labs Knowledge Base, link here.

Hey Robert, First of all welcome to the community.

Have you tried the Roon free trial? Can’t tell from the information provided.