Roon Offline Local Library Management

I’ve noticed the few times when my Nucleus loses internet access (usually on a high internet traffic Friday/Saturday night) that the Roon screen goes blank or displays a “working on it” icon. My Nucleus is hard wired and the connection to the world is usually robust.
So…It sure would be cool if I could play the music I own and have stored on the internal hard drive, regardless of internet connection. Could this be done? I’d be happy even with a lower grade thumbnail list that I could select from. What if the “select a different core?” led to an offline library version that still functioned?

In principle,you should be able to use Roon without internet access for a number of days (weeks?)

So, maybe you shold try to disconnect your Nuclues (Roon server)from the internet, and see what is happening then.
I have no clue myself, so looking forward to your feedback

I did try that. I got the same “this is taking longer than normal” and “try a different core” screen. I’ll try again and see if maybe it reverts to a saved library.

What device are you using for Roon Remote access? My IPAD Roon Remote does not work when the Internet is unavailable but my windows 10 laptop and my Android phone provide remote control and access to my local library.

It’s a Roon Nucleus server and IPad for remote. My only other computer is a MacBook Pro, which I’m not using as a remote.

I have the NUC/ROCK server so the setups are similar. We had a hard freeze here in Texas that caused issues with the power grid. Had rolling 2 and 4 hour outages for several days. I have UPS backup systems and a backup power generator that kept everything going on this end but the cable/internet provider did not. So the internet went down for several hours with each rolling outage.

If I tried to start the IPAD Roon app it would lock up waiting for New Releases for You. If I was already using the IPAD Roon app it would freeze up.

My windows 10 laptop and Android phone would pause waiting for New Releases for You, then continue on without it . The Nuc server was OK playing local files.

Roon is aware of the issue with several tickets open. Hopefully the next remote software update for IOS will fix it.

Thanks Mike! I’ll wait patiently then and not throw $$ at it.

I have the same problem, when the internet goes down I see exactly the same messages and behavior.
I run ROCK on a NUC8i5 and use various laptops, android tablets and phone for control. End points are Rpi running Ropieee. My very basic understanding is that if the core cannot “phone home” it goes off line. In my case I use a samba share on Rock to store my library, when the core is offline I cannot access the library from my internal network,

I discovered this today during two internet outages (rare here) that were not accompanied by a power failure, and at a time when I would normally be using Roon.

Is it possible that this is actually a modem problem? I have an Arris surfboard and perhaps when it loses the WAN connection perhaps its an internal router problem - i.e. no IP addresses available for devices on the network?