Roon on 2 Locations


I was looking over the search function but could not find anything. Maybe thats answered already?

i am travelling betweeen 2 locations. on every location i am having a NAS where i wat to run a ROON CORE.

Do i need to pay 2 times or can i use my subscritpion on more than one location (units).

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You can only use one core at a time with one license. It’s easy to shift between the two if that works for you.

Ok, understand.

Means i need to logoff from one account and logon on the other location…

i think i doint loose any userdata as they are saved on the core?

But i need to pourchase 2 licences if my wife wants to use it on one location i on the other location at the same time?

Yes, that would be it. If you had two cores, There would be two databases, one for each core. They would be different.

Thanks a lot, i whish you nice holidays…

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You will lose changes made on one core when you activate the other, unless you do a backup/restore.

Ok, but that means that switching licence is not an option for me… thanks for the feedback…

I’m not sure I understand your reply - if switching a licence between locations is not an option because changes need to be synchronised between the Cores, this would also be the case if you have a licence for each Core; so what’s different?

I have used Roon on a laptop on holiday for a few albums on said laptop. Music whilst I’m away is all I need. I can live without my own library for a week or two.
I expect you could use a back up of the main library to restore to the other location.