Roon on a QNAP TS469 Pro

Hi All,
I have a qnap TS469 pro, which has an intel 64bit cpu and I have 3gb ram installed on it, but can I use this to run the Roon software, as I don’t want to buy a newer device at this stage?

Try it and see how it performs.

Hi Jonathan,

The TS469 has an Intel Atom 2.13GHz Dual-core processor which is a bit light for Roon, I’d say i3 is the minimum, i5 hits the sweet spot and i7 for those with very large music libraries (>200,000 tracks).
Also 3GB RAM is also marginal, esp. with larger libs … where I’d recommend 8GB.

Thus whilst I’d not recommend anyone purchasing that NAS spec for Roon as you already have it there’s nothing to lose, as Evan suggests, in trying it.

If it does not work out for you then consider just using the NAS for storage and running Roon Server on an NUC.

Do let us know how you get on, feedback is always welcome.

Had I known it’s atom based I’d have simply said forget it, use it as storage only, but if you’ve a small music collection it may just work.

well I set up a shared folder and installed the qpkg but then nothing, I click on the app but nothing happens. I rebooted the nas and reinstalled but still nothing. it is only version 1.0 of the app but that’s the only one I see.

The package installs the Roon Server. The server version does not have a user interface and has to be set up by a remote device (computer/tablet/phone that can run Roon). If you already have Roon Server installed on the qnap it should be seen by the roon software on the remote device automatically and can be selected to connect to it. Then you can start configuring it.

Thanks Chris, everything seems to be working ok I have played a few albums but will wait for it to load all albums and then have another play

I just added a few more sentences to make users aware that Roon Server is headless and that it needs to be configured by a remote device. I think my instructions were not very clear about that.
Thank you for pointing this out by your post. :slight_smile:

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great that would make it a bit clearer for anyone else expecting the app to open, as it seems to be working fine so far. What other things could I do to improve the setup. would the idea of an external ssd drive help me, and would that be for the startup of the roonserver or for storage of media also. I have about 900GB of music mainly Flac.

A SSD is recommended for every Roon Server setup and can also be connected on the USB3 port. (There should be 2 USB3 ports on the back of your QNAP, the other 5 ports are USB2).

It is hard to make predictions about performance. Keep in mind that your CPU and RAM is still below the recommended specs.

thanks Chris, so with that in mind would you advise a drive just for the running of the server/booting, or space enough to hold the library as well.

The Roon database should be on a SSD. These are the files that are currently written to the RoonServer shared folder. A small SSD 32-64 GB should be sufficient for that.
To do so, you should stop Roon Server in the App center, save the content of your RoonServer shared folder somewhere else, delete the Roon Server share, initialize the USB 3 SSD (with ext4 filesystem) and label it “RoonServer” and copy back the original RoonServer content to it.

The Atom CPU is really gimped. Celeron and above for a pleasant user experience.