Roon on a remote (cloud) server

I installed a roon server on a remote linux ubuntu cloud server.
How can I set up a remote connection with Roon ARC on it?

If you’re just wanting to use ARC then you’ll need to allow inbound public access to port 55000 on your cloud server.

How you set that up will depend on your cloud provider. For example on AWS you’d need to do something like this. Your server will likely already have outbound access.

That will only allow access to Roon ARC client not the Roon remote, but sounds like your already aware of that limitation.

Roon core and ARC are not located in the water network.
this cloud server has its own external IP.
As far as I understand, ARC should ask for the IP and port of the external server to connect to the remote core.

No, it’s the other way around.

If you have enabled ARC on your Roon Core and have allowed inbound access to port 55000, then Roon’s servers (and therefore the ARC client) should already know the public IP address of the machine running your Core.

You don’t need to, indeed you can’t, enter the address manually in the ARC client. If your Core is correctly configured and you have allowed public access to port 55000 then ARC should already know (via the same Roon server / API it used to authenticate) what public IP address your personal Roon Core is accessible at and hence what IP and port to connect to.

Just to be sure / clear, we are talking about the Roon ARC client here, and not the standard Roon Remote?

How are you currently accessing the cloud hosted Roon Core via the regular Roon Remote app?

Maybe post some screenshots of the ARC tab, under settings → ARC in the regular Roon Remote app.

I have two Roon core licenses - main house and beach house. How can I point Roon ARC to one core vice the other?

Thanks a lot.
The fact is that it’s impossible to connect to a remote server with a roon core.
The only option is to raise the OpenVPN tunnel so that everything is on the same network. After that, vpn can be disabled.

No, problem, hope you managed to get it all working or at least a better understand of what is possible.

As you’re probably now realising Roon isn’t really designed to be cloud hosted. But if you’re technical & aware of the networking requirements (and it sounds like you are), it should be possible to use a cloud hosted Core with ARC. At least once you have set it up via a VPN.

Yes, which was why I was asking how you were connecting to your remote ‘cloud hosted’ Core using the standard Roon remote.

As you’re realised you’ll need to setup a VPN connection to your remote / cloud server so that you can first use the standard Roon remote app to login and configure ARC and any other settings.

But after doing that you should be able to use ARC mobile app without the VPN. Are you now able to do that?

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