Roon on Android 12 doesn't connect my Core Server

Since the Android 12 update two days ago, my two Pixel 3A phones do not connect my Roon Core Server which is up and running, available from three Macs and one iPad. Android App is looking for the server continuously. Apps uninstalled, reinstalled, cache emptied.

The only way to get access is via the “Help” feature, entering the IP manually.

Please, Roon guys, help my 700 dollars app (!) to work on all my devices.


Try entering instead and see if that sticks.

Pixel 5, Android 12, Roon Core on Ubuntu Server 20.04.3, UniFi network (UDM + FlexHD APs). Zero issues.

Good for you. I still have issues after the very last update on my Pixel 3A and my Linux Server (Ubuntu 20.04). No problems when I control Roon from my MAc or from my very old iPad.

Does your Pixel still sticks in the Android Beta 12 program? This has caused for my Pixel 5 many issues with other apps. After deleting it from the Beta program I had to reinstall the whole apps after getting back to the basic Android 12 version (easy by copying settings and apps from another Pixel by USB cable), but now everything is fine.