Roon on Android can't find my Linux Roon Core without typing in an IP

After Roon’s last update (today 17th of December) on my Linux server (Roon server), my Mac (client), my iPad (client), and my Android, Roon App on Android is STILL unable to connect my server without manually entering the IP. And it takes ages to be recognised. Come on guys, you sell your App 700 euros (lifetime subscription that I begin to deeply regret) !

What a shame.

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I have no such reconnecting issues anymore since update 1.7, last year.
I’m running Roon Rock on a NUC, a couple of wired rpi-hats and as remotes using an Ipad Air, Iphone 7 and Android Samsung S10, A7, S5 and TabS3.

Hope you will find a solution soon!

All of my android clients connect quicker than my apple phones. I’d raise a support case and have a look at your network. Sounds like IGMP Broadcasts aren’t right.

try using as the IP and see if that sticks.

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