Roon on Android does not run in sound resolution higher than 48khz

The Roon software on my Android HiBy R6 does not run in a sound resolution higher than 48khz. I know the device supports up to 192khz as its native application runs those numbers. I hope you guys will enable this feature as soon as possible!


Not exactly. This sounds same as the situation with SHIELD. It absolutely supports the resolution, but it seems ROON treats all Android devices the same (i.e. as 48k devices), which is very unfortunate.


Yes, it might be the Roon app that causes the limitation, IDK.

Yes, roon is like “oh android device! Let me me help you with the sample rate conversion”…
I (as many others before) mentioned this problem a few days ago.
It looks like there might be an overhaul of the Android code some day. But it doesn’t look like this is going to happen any time soon…
I sold my Hiby R6 and currently look for a roon alternative. 'Cause using roon feels a little like having to pay for being able to participate in beta test…


Bumping this. Have a FiiO M15 and HiBy R5 that have HiRes, MQA-capable DACs, but since they’re Android-based the Roon app reverts to Android SRC and everything is resampled to 24/48. Other third party apps like USB Audio Player Pro have solved this.


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