Roon on Android TV

And all those apps are dreadful for navigating a music library and a remote isn’t the best tool either. The TV interface is too limiting and Android TV has too many constraints to make anything work well for this as they have to adhere to strict guidelines.

They feel like pulling teeth finding video content most of the time for music it’s worse. It’s why Plex guys created PlexAmp as a separate app for phones and pcs as navigating the Plex interface for music is just a nasty experience.

Exactly my thoughts. I’d rather use a tablet for control and cast it to the TV than dicking around with a TV remote. I wanted to ask because several times I came across users to whom that option had never occurred

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It’s so true for Plex. :sweat_smile:

And yes, Android TV app are very restrictive but with limited functionality, they do the job as playing an album or a playlist and showing cover or lyrics.

Personally i find Tidal for Android TV not that bad.

On the other hand, it’s obvious that if you want to have “serious” music listening or discovery sessions, nothing beats a large tablet or a laptop and its dedicated stereo amplifier. :melting_face:

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But you get that anyway, the tablet controls the core as always and only the screen is mirrored to the TV

For me it’s not quite the same thing.

I find that my 5.2" Smartphone is too small for comfortable use, the 10" tablet (still a little small for my taste) can be used by someone else, go find and launch my 14" Laptop just to launch an album or a playlist and use Chromecast (or Airplay for Mac users) seems exaggerated to me when everything is there: a screen, a decent cpu, an ethernet connection, a remote control with up, down, left, right, OK , back, play/pause, prev., next, … and a Roon Core.

Thing is, every once in a while I use Tidal (or even Plex) on my TV because it’s simple, straightforward, and no more devices than necessary.

One solution might be to buy another 12" or 14" tablet… but I think it’s kind of eWast whereas with Android TV or Apple TV you might have a basic app to get rid of from a device and Chromecast/Airplay.

But I can understand that it’s not a priority, just that I find it a shame because it wouldn’t take such a huge development to build and maintain an interface on Android TV (and Apple TV).

Sure, preferences will differ. I tried the unofficial Roon remote extension for Apple TV and while it’s a commendable effort (and probably could be improved if it was official and had more resources put into it), I will always grab a tablet instead or grab my MacBook (which wakes from sleep faster than I can open the lid. Apple has a slight advantage there :wink: )
IMHO well worth a dedicated tablet if need be

I think that indeed I will end up offering myself a tablet dedicated to Roon… :sweat_smile:

Roon developers, please prioritize an Android TV app! Plex for music is way worse than Roon, but unfortunately I am forced to use it for some devices / rooms.

That won’t help. Find the feature suggestion thread (there are several about this) with the most votes and add your vote: Search results for 'android tv #feedback:feature-suggestions' - Roon Labs Community

Thank you!

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