Roon on Android TV

Love the way Roon works on Android. It’s very smooth and responsive on my Nexus 9.
Any chance this could be made compatible with Android TV? It would be nice to have the Roon interface on the TV without using a PC. Also, the new Nvidia Shield console is supposed to support high resolution audio.



I got a NVIDIA Shield console last week hoping to use it to play music stored on my NAS. I can’t justify paying for, say, an annual subscription just for my own personal use, but if it could work on the NVIDIA Shield console, the whole family will be able to enjoy it. So what are the chances Roon will become available for Android TV? I was hoping I wouldn’t have to figure out how to make VLC work on the NVIDIA Shield console, but until I get a definitive answer on Roon for Android TV, I don’t want to spend money just so I can play the music that’s stored on my NAS.

You can sideload Roon to the Shield and it will work but you’ll need a mouse and maybe a keyboard to use it.

I am using a Minix neo x8h plus as an endpoint connected to one of my tv’s, also using my Galaxy Note 4 as an endpoint and control of my main system no problems and quite fast while I wait for ipad app.The pen works well on the note 4 screen if you have fat fingers like me.

How did you go about installing the Roon Remote software to your Note4? The Play store won’t allow me to install it as it is not a supported device.

Hi Patrick

On the android thread on the roon forum one of the roon guys gives a direct download link for the app . Just download onto the note 4 and give permission under settings to side load the app onto the note. Has worked no problems and the pen comes in handy on sometimes as well if you have big fingers like me.
Cheers Mac

Could anyone get DSD convert to PCM working on an Android TV box? Clicking on the speaker settings I only get the option to disable…

i just sideloaded the roon apk on my Android TV (Nexus Player) and it does not work:
I can run Roon aber the remote is not responding at all when the app is running.

a pity :frowning: given that I was so damn close

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Any news on a package for NVIDIA Shield Android TV?


Same problem with Sonos labs. They still haven’t released an Android TV controller either. Moan.

It would be relatively easy to adapt the Android app for TV. That would make a lot of Roon users who have Android TV very happy. The Shield is a very powerful gadget, I am running Kodi on it for everything from DTS-HD pass through to multichannel DSD (on-the-fly converted to multichannel PCM). Roon would run on it wonderfully! Roon is missing out on a huge opportunity here.


Any news about it?

Roon on Android TV…

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I also would love to see this happen. Love to sit in my chair/bed and scroll with a mouse on the big tv screen. Have no intend to buy a tablet, just for the Roon remote function. Remote on Android tv would be great.
Btw, I sideloaded the app on my Sony Tv and it worked. However, the screen lays on its side, and no way to get that right.

just adding my +1 as i think this is the right feature request
just allowing it to install as-is would be an improvement for me as side-loading works fine for me but is a faff

as a note for anyone with the shield, nvidia now have a remote app that adds virtual keyboard and mouse which makes the process easier, and its all working fine for me on the latest version/update for shield.

nb. once side loaded you have to unselect private on the server and can then change the default sample to 96hz/24. i installed the launcher app to allow roon to be launched as a sideloaded app. once running you can minimize (home button) and it continues to play music.

I would like to see this also

Any developments on this? It’s been a few years since the first posting in this thread…and if anyone is interested, I would love to have roon installed on my chromecast with google tv.

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I still do not understand why Roon has no AndroidTV app. Now I need to use a browser with the roon web controller extension.

Still nothing new with Android TV ? :thinking:

Can an Android TV not act as a Chromecast receiver?

If it is a certified Android TV product then yes, chromecast should work.

But IMHO the interest of a dedicated application is precisely to have a direct control with a dedicated and slightly simplified interface usable with the TV remote control.

After all, for example there is Tidal App for Android TV and you can use Kodi or Plex to play shared music folders directly on TV / AV Receiver…
Why not an Android TV Roon app too?

Edit : I have an Odroid C4 with an Android 9.0 (not TV but like Smartphone or some custom Android TV Box) and a mouse so I can use the Android Roon App directly on my TV and I have even some basic control with CEC TV remote control … It’s great, but a real Android TV would be so much easier IHMO.