ROON on M1 Macbook Air

I’ve bought a M1 Mackbook Air 2020. All is rainbows and light as promised in the Appleverse except…ROON is working for me on every device in my home mesh network except my new and shiny Macbook. It works from the Macbook to my main rig via wifi and my Rpi, to the soundbar, the TV, heck even the Kitchen Google speaker; all endpoints work but I can’t get it to play through the Macbook Air’s own speakers. It’s driving me nuts. What obvious thing am I missing please and even better, what do I do in non geeky terms. Thank you all for your patience and help.

Hi Roy,

When you bring up the Roon on the Air, and go to Settings / Audio do you see an option for System Output or CoreAudio for the laptop? If not, then a screen pic of the Settings Audio page would help Support. (Friendly Fellow user here).

As usual, I’ve forgotten this stage… Thank you mate, it’ll take time for my hair to grow back but at least I have some chill tunes to sooth the process. You have an excellent evening ahead and thank you so much for taking the time to help out.

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You are not seeing something like the following under Settings > Audio ?

Problem has been solved mate, thank you for taking the time to respond, appreciate it!

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