Roon on NAS, SSD, database - one disk


Is it possible to use Roon on NAS with only one disk. I mean SSD. I’d like to instal Roon Server on this disk and also my music files. I’ve read that ideal configuration are 4 disks: one for Roon Server, second for music files, third for RAID and fourth for backup. But is is possible to use only one disk?


I think that you may be getting confused between disks and volumes. The separation required/recommended is for volumes - not disks.

Consequently, you could have a NAS with one large SATA SSD and on that SSD you can then create multiple volumes for each required purpose.

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It is possible and should work flawlessly with a fast SSD.

I think this was meant for 2 magnetic HDDs plus backup plus small SSD for roon´s internal database. The latter should not be running on spinning discs.

In case you have valuable/irreplaceable data it might be a good idea to nevertheless buy a second SSD of the same capacity and run everything on RAID1 if you NAS/server allows it. Just for redundancy/data protection reasons.

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