Roon on Nuc or Nas + external ssd

Roon on Nuc or Nas + external ssd
I have been using RoonRock for some time on an Intel Nuc7i5 with 8GB RAM + Samsung Evo ssd 240Gb
Previously I used Roon on an external ssd of 120GB connected to a Synology Nas DS218 with 4GB extra memory (so 6GB in total)
I think that the configuration with the Intel Nuc does not have better sounding results compared to the configuration with external ssd on the Synoly Nas
Note: I do not use USB on the dac, so connecting Nuc to Dac with USB is not applicable.
I’m thinking about going back to the old situation (with SSD to Nas) and maybe using the Nuc for something else (windows, dbpoweramp …)

Like your opinion.

Only you will be able to judge whether or not performance of Roon on your Synology NAS is good enough. I don’t think I would expect the location (NAS or Roon Rock on NUC) to have a significant impact on sound quality if music streams flawlessly on your Synology based Roon installation.

I guess the critical factors in respect of your set-up will be how big your library is (and how much you expect it to grow in the near future), whether or not you will want to use any of Roon’s DSP functions or make use of the Roon 1st MQA unfold and how many Roon end-points might run at any time in your network.

For what it is worth, I run a Synology NAS and have 2000+ albums on my NAS, and my ‘Roon’ library (including Tidal entries) now has over 3000 albums. However, I run Roon Rock on an NUC8i5BEH, and would probably never consider running Roon on my NAS.

If you have no issue with the performance of the NAS for searches etc and have no need of dsp related functions that could impact the NAS capabilities and you library is not too big then as long as you can’t hear any difference then you can opt to use one or the other with impunity I guess.

Trust your own experience and ears.

Personally for my setup Rock is great.

My library seems to be almost the same as you havecover

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