Roon on Squeezebox touch

Hi all,

This might be a topic and question that has been posted earlier, but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer for myself.

I’ve used Roon on a Mac Mini in combination with an USB DAC (AMR CD-777). I am upgrading my dac to a Audio Note Dac 3.1, but this doesn’t support USB. It needs a digital coaxial interlink. Only recently I discovered that the squeezebox touch must be a pretty good streaming device for audio systems using coaxial (if you combine it with a new power supply).

My question is, can I use Roon in any way in combination with the squeezebox touch and if so, how??

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Have you done a forum or knowledgebase search? That would be a great starting point.

Hi, I did and found the topic of integrating Roon on a touch. What to me isn’t clear yet is whether or not you can use the squeezebox touch stand alone and load it with the Roon software. I am using a NAS and have about 10.000 albums on it. Would this work in this way, without a Mac mini etc?

Hi Marcel. Yes, you can use an SB Touch. Roon emulates a Logitech Media Server and will talk to a Touch running standard firmware. However, if you install the EDO plugin, you can stream 192k from the coaxial output. I can’t quite remember what firmware version you need for everything to work completely smoothly, but I think I have 7.8.x on mine.

Hi Joel, thanks for your quick answer. I assume the SB will play FLAC files?
This is all I need to know for now. Need to acquire SB touch first.

Alternatively, you may want to consider using a Raspberry Pi with Digi+ Pro HAT board, running Roon Bridge on DietPi. It sounds most excellent and will cost you ~€100 including a case.

Added bonus is that you can use Roon’s own RAAT as streaming protocol.

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Thx Rene,
I don’t have experience with the raspberrys and have no idea what sound quality would be. Is it the same or maybe better quality as a SB touch?

I’ve read that the SB touch can play as good as other very expensive cd transports or high end streamers.

And is anyone using a pi with a high end dac like audio note, chord or meridian?

Yes, me. :slight_smile:

I have a Pi/Digi+ Pro connected to a pair of DSP5200 speakers. Was using an MS600 before – it’s gone now.

My SBT listening is over 5 years ago, so I really can’t compare from memory. If you give it some time, others may chime in with their experiences.

Two of them are for sale in the Sales forum BTW, with nice cases and for a nice price.

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Thx Rene, I will buy one of them. Think this will be fun with my Audio Note dac 2.1 sig.

I’m not sure you were asking this, but just to be clear: You can’t install ROON core on the Squeezebox Touch itself. The touch doesn’t have the processing power, memory, etc. to run Roon. As noted above, the TOUCH can be used as an “endpoint” being served by Roon running on another computer.

Note: The SB Touch can run a “tiny” version of LMS and in effect could act as a server and player at the same time. But the demands on its tiny memory/processing power led to lots of headaches in trying to do this. And once very powerful and tiny computers (Pi) came along, no one even tried to make LMS run on the SB touch itself.

I think there should be ‘badges of honour’ or something for these huge libraries! :slight_smile:


Thanks garym, that was actually what i was looking for. Now i understand i still need another computer to run Roon. Now it’s clear. :wink: