Roon on Synology 918+ problem

Hi, I was a happy Roon user before moving the Roon core from my i5 desktop computer to the synology 918+ .

On my 918+ , i setup the roon core on an external SSD drive and most of my files are on the harddisks . Then the 918+ connects to the network and a Roon ready device Cary DSM 500 as the playback device. However, Roon behaves very unstable and always stop playback after just a few mintues of playing , then I have to wait for few seconds until Roon detects the roon device.

Should someone experienced the same problem before, please kindly share if there are any solutions for the problem.

Thank you very much!

Is any error displayed on the Roon remote screen when it stops playing?

No. It just stopped…seems like it losts connection with the Roon Ready device.

I can think of 2 scenarios here, either it is performance related or it is related to your network:
Is your DS918+ still scanning your library in the background?
You can also look into the activity panel in the DSM web administration of your DS918+, to check if the cpu is in use excessively.

My bet is it’s still analysing the music too…what is the default option for cores etc when installing Roon. On a NAS this is the single biggest CPU usage (bar DSP) that is likely to hit a NAS

Thank you for all the help. I finally figured out the problem…it was the network switch. It runs perfect after i disabled jumbo frame feature on my switch.

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