Roon on the GO remote use

Is there a way to use Roon in for example a hotel. Remote coneected tot my synology server with te ROON Core.?

yes go for Softetherserver VPN using a Raspberry and your Smartphone or Tablet or laptop becomes an endpoint of Roon :slight_smile: I have a step by step manual if you want just send me a PM request via the forum.

This is considered Tinkering and not a supported environment. I am moving this thread to the Tinkering section.

And, for me, I just transfer my Core to a laptop and take an external USB drive with all the music on it. Setup a wifi hot spot with the laptop and a phone, and, use my phone (or tablet) as the remote.

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Thanks for the answer and moving the issue to the correct place.

Hi Thijs,

This would require you to VPN back to your home and connect through the tunnel and let your router proxy the udp traffic. Check out this Talking to Roon from another VLAN (I got it working) - #92 by Martin_Timmermans if you feel confident and are familiar with networking. There’s no standard functionalities to achieve this… :slight_smile: