Roon on Vortexbox

When the new 1.2 update arrives, will I be able to load Roon onto my Vortexbox? I have Roon core on my laptop at this time but would like it to perform headless.


I’m hoping for this too. Vortexbox runs fedora linux OS. I’ve posted the same thing at the VB forums and I know Andrew is a member here.

That’s great. It would be so cool to have a similar set up to the Sonore and be able to switch between the two.

Are you talking of running Roon on the Votexbox or RoonBridge ?

I was more hoping that Roon could appear as a plug-in or a separate switchable app on the actual Vortexbox, either on the Vortexbox GUI or LMS. I realise that there are endpoints such as the Sonicorbiter SE but my
Touch plays well as an endpoint to I’m not yet ready to change it. I could then run the Rune core headless and in parallel with LMS.

So RoonServer on the Vortexbox ?

Yes. Roon Server on vortexbox just as LMS server is a program running on vortexbox. It would be need to be a headless version, as most people run their vortexboxes headless. The vb is a pc running a fedora Linux OS with lots of tweaking and several automatically installed programs, such as LMS, squeezelite, plex server, etc. Roon doesn’t need to interact with lms at all. The user should just be able to use either server running on the VB. Just like I have both Roon and lms running on same Windows pc.

The spec I see online is a 2.4Ghz Celeron with 2Gb RAM. There was discussion here about minimum RoonServer requirements. The RAM feels like it may be low, especially if you want the Vortexbox to run other programs or processes. I see the OS was recently upgraded to 64 bit Fedora; that shouldn’t be a problem.

Yes. Latest (vb 2.4) is 64bit. And those are all minimums in any case. Higher specs could be recommended for also running Roon.

What are the specs of the hardware you are using ?

Here’s the one at my weekend cottage (where I am right now). It’s the oldest one I have. I’m not limited to existing hardware. If needed, I can replace hardware with whatever state of the art PC box needed to run the software.

Brian’s comments in the thread I linked above are a good guide. You certainly don’t need a state of the art box to run RoonServer.

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