Roon on WD MyCloud NAS

I purchased a years subscription to roon after a trial and I do enjoy the information I get about albums etc. on the app. I am building up a library of CD rips and purchasing new material - I therefore will not need Qobuz or Tidal.

I have a WD NAS and it works very well as media server but I cannot load Roon onto it, the QNAP and Synology NAS that it can be loaded to are more expensive than my budget.

I have loaded Plex to my NAS and this works well and is a good alternative, though less featured. I have to decide if having an expensive subscription as well as needing a PC to run Roon will actually be worthwhile next year. If you could get Roon as an app on WD NAS that would be an easier decision.

You can buy a Nucleus for $1400 or build a NUC for 1/2 that.

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my budget is around $250

Maybe a used Windows computer.

That device does not have the CPU that can handle running a program like Roon. You need a computer. What are you running Roon Core on now, and why can’t you keep using it?

My primary aim is to not have to boot up a computer to run Roon , choosing music via ios app. I have thought about turning an old mac into a server so may do that.
I did wonder about the processor - anyone have an idea what processor /ram is needed in a NAS to run Roon ?

It is documented here:

thanks , thats about a £800 NAS . Will stick with current set up me thinks

Look in the For Sale section of this forum.
People sometimes sell their NUCs and for a price in your budget.

OTOH - You can build your own for about $350 and use the ROCK OS for free…