Roon on windows if need monitor/keyboard/mouse every time starting up nuc

When install roon on intel nuc with windows.
Is it posiible to set it up so after start nuc with power button.
Roon starts and control is by roon remote on ipad lets say in that case dont need monitor/keyboard /mouse constantly attached to nuc.

You can configure the Windows NUC with a local account, without a password, and that will allow an automatic log in when the machine is switched on. If you then use the Roon Server download for the Roon Core, you’ll be able to set the Sever to “Launch at startup”.

It’s also possible to use a Windows Account, rather than a local Account, on your NUC, and configure this to start without entering the password. Personally I think the 1st option is safer.

Thank you for info.
Have you seen step by step guide anywhere how to do it?

Are you using Windows 10 Home or Pro?

EDIT: Doesn’t really matter as this link explains how to set up a local account, with options for both Home and Pro. Don’t forget to ensure that you disable any password options.

Roon also has some info on the matter, but this shows you how to use a regular Windows account with password.

I have so far Roon OS as Rock on NUC but consider back to windows thats why asking but yes windows 10 64 bit Pro

The Pro Version is easier to set up with a local account. When you first come to sign in after setting up Windows, opt for a local account. Windows tries to steer you away from this, but just opt for what it calls a “Limited experience”. Set up a local account and you should be okay.

I’m assuming that it will let you set up an account without a password. If not you’ll need to set up a password and then go into the Accounts setting in Windows and disable the password.

Basically you need to let Windows log on without you entering anything.

Thx all for help.