Roon only shows DSD64 with Signature Rendu SE & Chord Qute EX

I’m using a Sonore Signature Rendu SE with a Chord Qute EX DAC in one of the zones in my house. While the Qute EX supports DSD128, the Roon/Signature Rendu SE combo only exposes DSD64.

I’m guessing it may be because the Signature Rendu SE may not be differentiating the Qute (which only does DSD64) from Qute EX (which does DSD128) but of course it’s only a guess.

This isn’t a major issue but of course would like to get it fixed.

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Post an image of the Apps / DAC Diagnostics.
Also, go to Settings / RoonReady and confirm DoP and press Save.
All for now…

Confirmed that DoP is set.

Here’s the diagnostics…

Craig, is this a Chord Qute EX DAC? I ask because the diagnostics you posted said Hugo in two different places.

I can not get my Chord Qute EX reconized to try diagnostics. I think I will start another thread.