Roon Optimized Core Kit (previously reported as Roon OS)

On a serious note, Danny once dust/sweat/marketing/Sales etc settles for Nucleus … Roon should consider seriously to come up with “Nucleus-Jr” Preloaded with ROCK-Jr (what ever name Roon wants to come up with).

Consider me as a waiting customer.

What on earth is ROCK-Jr?

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Some kind of pebble? :wink:


Roon Unified Bare-Bones Limited Edition - RUBBLE


Come on guys! come up with nice name for ROCK-Jr -> the “RoonBridge”, fully enclosed Raspbery-Pi (or similar) + RoonBridge pre-installed.

Roon Team, once again -> Here is a waiting costumer.

Unless you are exceedingly forgiving of ambient noise, you will not be happy with a stock NUC7i7 in the listening room.

What about the NUC in question here, the NUC7i7BNH? Well, I’d say it’s on par with the Skull Canyon. The 28W Core i7 CPU has been crammed in almost the same enclosure that works wonders with the 15W Core i3 and i5 models. As a result the small fan does spin up more often and you can hear it. I’m pretty allergic to fan noise and really would not like to put one on my desktop where it’s clearly audible.

I have a stock NUC7i5 placed intentionally in another room, and though I cannot hear it outside of that room, I am not pleased with the current state of its fan noise. The fan runs 24/7 – whether ROCK is idle, just playing music, or lifting heavy DSP. And the fan does not spin down to its lowest level, even though I have configured the BIOS to its Quiet fan setting. I am not certain that ROCK is observing the BIOS fan setting. A stock NUC7i7 would be all of the above amplified by several decibels.



well like it or not I have a Intel NUC7I7BNH ordered and M.2 250GB SSD so ROCK is coming to my setup soon

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I have the same but currently running W10, soon to replace Windows with Rock.


Sorry if this question has already been answered but how do I get music onto the rock if I choose to use internal storage?

Can I copy music to a Rock server over my home network?

I am planning on attempting install of Rock on my HP Microserver Gen8 Xeon this weekend as soon as I have backed up all my music 130K tracks.

Currently the microserver is my backup Roon Server and running Windows 10, but I am hoping it will be a bit snappier without all the windows overheads.

Regards Andrew Watson

Yes, you can.
follow this link:

I thought the below was an excellent guide on ROCK, with videos and all:


Barely Audible Rudimentary New Edition; Yes, Roon Unified Bare Bones Limited Edition

BARNEY RUBBLE :open_mouth:

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hard to get: 1 to 2 months.

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Finally installed ROCK on a gen 5 i3 NUC. Works great. Upsamples to DSD 256 without any issues. Even more responsive than my old Arch based Roonserver. Paired with a competent DAC with fiber optic isolated Ethernet input, nothing will beat the total package ROCK offers. RIP audiophile server/streamers. :slight_smile:


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I installed a Samsung SM961 on my 6i5SYH. It’s very fast. Mine is 128GB

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