Roon Optimized Core Kit (previously reported as Roon OS)

Hmmm. This is interesting. Care to elaborate?


Am interested in the Roon OS as well - Am currently preparing specs for my next custom audio PC which will cater for Roon as well as other related programs - do you have a timeline on this?

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no timeline, but it almost complete… it will initially only support the NUC5 or NUC6 (Core i3 or i5) with 64gb or 128gb M.2 SSD. 4GB ram minimum, 8gb preferred). Larger or smaller SSDs will not work.

You will have to add storage via USB or SMB.

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Does that mean it must be an Intel branded NUC utilizing a M.2 SSD? I was going to run it on a custom built i7 rig with a standard SATA SSD and utilize internal storage rather than SMB or USB.

The Skull Canyon i7 NUC will probably work, but for example, I need to iterate with someone who has one to find the right driver options in Linux to enable the thunderbolt ports, and then support hot plugged auto-mounting of thunderbolt drives.

Onboard storage is not supported in Roon OS… maybe a future revision. This mostly has to do with the recovery mechanism in case you brick your device.

Updates to Roon OS work just like Roon, inline and very streamlined. It is not a very DIY solution in the software space… just allows for hardware DIY.

Actually, I was going to test it on a full sized rig - motherboard with an haswell i7 + 16gb that I have lying around. :slight_smile:

No idea if the drivers will work for that… I have some docs for partners, but need to write up something for the public.

LOL, I have no shortage of various hardwares to guinea pig.

Well, damn. :slight_smile: I have a 250 SSD in my NUC.

Damn again. LOL I put an internal HD in my NUC. :slight_smile:

I have a NUC Skull Canyon i7 that I’d be glad to test…:slight_smile:

This could be interesting to try out.

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Thanks very much for developing the OS for public release.

What SSD would you recommend at this point? The smallest Samsung Evo and Pro models now available are 250 and 256 GB, respectively.

Will Roon OS on a 128 GB SSD be a better option than Linux on a 256 GB 950 Pro?

That’s comparing apples to oranges…

Roon OS will be very locked down and limited, but it will be turn key.

DIY Linux will be fully flexible for whatever you want, but you have to maintain it yourself.

Thanks. I meant which will be best for the speed of Roon only. I understand that Roon OS will not have the flexibility of Linux.

Elsewhere you’ve mentioned that disk I/O speed is one of the most important performance measurements for Roon.

the 950 pro will be a faster ssd, and im working on getting roon os to support larger SSDs… I fear that 128gb might be hard to find in a year or two.

I just want to make sure people don’t buy large SSDs and expect to be able to use them for content. This SSD is only for OS + Roon DBs. No content.

Good news re larger SSDs. What about content storage on an internal HD

Can you give us some more details about what ROON OS will accomplish? Does it dispense with, for example, another OS like Windows 10 or Linux? Is it a ROON server substitute? Etc.

It will be an operating system based on Linux that takes over your machine, and tunes it for running Roon and nothing else. It will auto-update and have a web configuration UI as well. The idea is that post-install, it is turnkey.


That’s brilliant. I’m personally looking forward to this. Will make a separate OS like Windows 10 (in my case) redundant.
=> I notice the NUC6 has internal SATA3 support for a 2.5 inch drive, which I assume is faster than the USB ports available for external storage.
=> It might be a good idea to release a Quick Setup Guide and perhaps some User Instructions on-line when the OS is available. It’ll save you a lot of hassles with customer email and stuff like that. People like me are likely to get stumped on how to copy files to a Linux computer. Basic stuff in addition to the more complicated stuff like rescanning the database, etc.