Thunderbolt 3/2 drive support on ROCK

Seeing as the other thread @danny closed I was wondering if there was any progress on adding support for the Thunderbolt Drives interface on the NUC’s seems such a waste to have it there and not be able to use it.

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BUMP for this thread - Absolutely agree that thunderbolt support under ROCK would be of huge benefit going forward!
Any updates please ROCK dev’s?

Just curious what improvements/benefits will Thunderbold bring over USB 3 in a music storage context?

I can see Thunderbolt being handy for external GPU, but you will not need a discrete GPU with ROCK.

I agree that Thunderbolt isn’t necessary for music storage, but if you were thinking of moving to a NUC/ROCK setup and you already happened to have your music stored on drives in a Thunderbolt enclosure, it’d be nice to have.

Yes but most if not all Thunderbolt enclosures also have USB 3

I think perhaps we are overlooking opportunities Thunderbolt offers other than directly connected disks.

Built in 10Gbe networking (with opportunity to add 40Gbe expansion device) would be very useful for those with very busy home networks who would like the ability to greatly speed up file transfers to and from ROCK directly connected disks etc.
Probably most valuable to audiophiles is the ability to use an externally powered, audio specific Pcie to USB output card - hopefully elevating audio performance to a much higher level whist still staying to generic ROCK recommended NUC hardware.

I don’t know much at all about how and if we can get this working but as it was discussed as a possibility a few months ago, any updates from the ROCK team would be great.

Bump, @danny any news or thoughts?

Intel is being slow at releasing any/stable Linux support for this… still waiting on them.

Thank you for the update

@danny a few more months down the road and are we any closer to support of this interface for drives?

Nope, still nothing.

I used an Adnaco PCI-E card to do fiber>USB3 in the past, neat device being able to place USB 30 meters away if you need.

I’m just interested in TB3 to 10Gb ethernet. Any chance of it working yet?