Roon Optimized Core Kit (previously reported as Roon OS)

Nice post AMP.

I wouldn’t call myself a Linux expert by any means, but can just about deal with it - I’d be able to get a Linux Roon Server setup for sure.

Thing is, I just wouldn’t bother. I hate Linux and only have experience with it because I worked in a multi-OS boutique company and Linux was part if the deal for various reasons. For people with less skills than me, Linux has the potential to be a really horrible experience. Copying command lines you don’t understand in to a window that has potential to destroy your whole server isnt really quite the same as dropping a needle on a record or pressing play on a CD player after plugging them in. Hopefully RCK will do that for people that have no interest in computers. Should the building of the NUC be a step too far, people like yourselves can jump in.

Right now I don’t have a need because my Mac mini fills the role fine. But in the future if I wanted a specific machine to run my Roon Core I’d definitely start here with this kit, and let someone else worry about how it works.

Yes, web guis can be frustrating and limiting sometimes, but in the right hands, any options you need will be added as they become apparent. And I’ve no doubt it’s in the right hands!

Looking forward to seeing a glimpse of the web GUI and RCK in action.

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Santa was kind (I must have been good ;-)). Anyway – it appears that I am more than ready for RCK (NUC6i5 Roonserver to the left; NUC6i3 to the right):

The i3 was up and running as full fledged backup server for pretty much anything digital in our household (including music files and Roon database) in less than 15 minutes.

I love Linux. :wink:


Ok. Detail the setup, please. How will you be backing up the music attached to your RCK?

You know it’s true love when your partner knows what NUC models you’d like for Christmas. :grin:


Easy: the i3 automounts the Roon share from /etc/fstab and rsyncs the music folder every night to the backup disk. Amongst other things. :slight_smile:

To be perfectly honest: the i5 has been serving my Roon needs for a few months now – but I may have dropped a hint or two about the correct spelling of ‘NUC6I3SYH’.


That’s good news if we can mount the USB share attached to a RCK. Would be better if we could run a backup from RCK. But your explanation is a bit beyond me, my Linux skills are still pretty limited. Haven’t done much of anything since setting up my NUC six or seven months ago.

Hi Danny

I’m really interested to move to this. I’m running roon on an old celeron nuc with win 10 so due for an upgrade.

Will you be able to import your existing windows database rather than start again?

many thanks


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Oh yes … absolutely.


Wondering how people might change the DNS Address on one of these Roon Core kits if they wanted to use the Google DNS, for example? Cheers.

Just curious, why would you want to?

This might be one reason. If you search for Google DNS on the page that comes up, there is some information of interest.

I’ve come cross more DNS censorship this year than in the past 20+ years. I can’t imagine it affecting Roon, Tidal etc., but it’s a trend I don’t expect to be reversed.

Brilliant, a new NUC on my shopping list now :slight_smile:



I’m pretty sure RCK will not provide the means to change it’s DNS addresses. RCK is meant to be ‘plug-and-play’ and present itself as an appliance: a black box that serves RoonServer. That’s it. If you want and/or expect more you should install Linux yourself.

Of course you can change your DNS servers in your router :wink:

I would certainly hope there is consideration for fixed ip and custom dns options.
DHCP is not the be all end all of internet settings, but it’s ok as a basic minimum to get things connected.

You can always assign a fixed IP address using DHCP in your router.


Wiil RCK have upsample to dsd option? Then I could do without hqplayer…unless sq is not as good… :slight_smile: