Roon OS UPS support

I’ve been looking around for a UPS that will gracefully shutdown a computer to use with my NUC running ROCK.

Does anyone know if Roon OS supports this? I read somewhere most Linux distros do but understand Roon OS could be different.

Is there a good reason something like this is unnecessary?


how does it trigger the graceful shutdown?

I’m not a linux guy but my FreePBX server was shut down with a plink.exe command over SSH.

My understanding is still very high level, but the UPS would send some type of shutdown command to the computer over USB when it detects a power outage. The computer would be running a daemon that would see the command and initiate the shutdown.
I’m trying to find out if something like this exists in Roon OS.

My (aging) Netgear NAS uses this: Network UPS Tools: HID UPS driver
An APC UPS connects to a USB port on the NAS. Two other NAS boxes checks battery status with the first NAS over the network. (I don’t know how…)

The issue here is that ROCK is a closed system, so the Roon team needs to add a feature to pick up the command from the UPS.

We have an API to do this already… UPS just needs to hit URL: http://rock.local/1/poweroff


Thanks @danny

Does anyone knows of a UPS that supports something like this?

Looks like it might do the job, you can request access to their demo sight to check the event driven functionality.

It works.