Roon OS Version?

How do I find what the most recent version / build of Roon OS is? Thanks!

Look in the Category called Roon Software and in the sub category Software Release Notes. The most current version is always displayed there.

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I’m aware of that. Thank you. I was talking about roon OS on ROCK. Current version 1.00 Build 76 I show, i’m not sure is this is the most current

Sorry. Not what I thought you were asking.

No problem. I appreciate your help. Maybe someone or @support can chime in.

Here is what I am talking about (operating system build):

If your Roon Core isn’t asking to update, then you should be up to date.

Cheers, Greg

also, you can go into Roon, and visit Settings -> About

@thyname, What Greg said. If you used the latest download then you have the latest version. But, I just installed ROCK from an older install key and when I updated it, the version was V1 Build 76. So, you have the latest version.

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