Roon OS vs Roon Server on Ubuntu (both running on NUC)

How does Roon OS stack up against Roon Server on Ubuntu running on NUC?

Roon OS (ROCK) is supposedly trimmed down, only what you need to run Roon Server. Less competition for memory and CPU cycles, fewer upgrades to irrelevant pieces of software.

The server software is the same. Just the OS is different as noted. I have never heard a sq difference on any of the OSs I have run RoonServer on.

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Not exactly, because it doesn’t use Mono, it uses dotnetcore.

Agreed. I’ve heard errors, but no fidelity differences.

Gotcha… BTW, at the end of the, both rely on ALSA, right? So, technically there shouldn’t be any difference between sound fidelity, isn’t it?