Roon Overheating Mac

I’m on Catalina using a 2015 2.7 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 MacBook Pro and get this problem every time I use Roon.

I can only use Wi-Fi so basically Roon is unusable for me.

Subscription renewal is coming up for me so this could be a deal breaker.

Any updates @nuwriy

Hello @Wayne_Bull1, and thanks for your report. We have recently seen a lot of progress with some of the changes implemented in build 610 regarding overheating when it came to GPU’s, but we are still working on the CPU side of things. I’d be happy to present your information to the team if you could please give me a screenshot of resource monitor next time you see this issue. Thanks!

Hi @nuwriy, I’ve actually got me a NUC coming so will be moving my core to this.

I definitely did notice though that the overheating stopped once I minimised Roon.

Hope that helps somewhat.

I will try and get you some screenshots of the system monitor when overheating occurs though.


It’s a similar issue regardless of running roon as core or remote so while the Nuc will let you have music without the Mac running roon it’s still probably going to happen if you open roon as remote on the Mac too

Hi, I got my MacBook Air yesterday and after installing the whole roon package it ran for about 5 hours. No problem whatsoever with temperature. I am using ethernet, but I think thats not the problem . May ADI DAC and my KECES are definately warmer, my ROTEL is hot…
MacBook Air 2020, i5 with 16/256 Catalina 10.15.6

Agreed. The Macbook will now be used for other duties and I’ll be using my phone or ipad as a remote.

Hello @Wayne_Bull1, and thanks for the update! If you need help moving to the NUC please let me know!

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Come on Nuwriy, I’ve sent multiple examples to your co-workers for over a year and many others have done so as well. We would all appreciate it if you good people could kindly take this problem more seriously.

Hello @TomJ, our team has created a community post to provide updates for this issue, available here.

Thanks for your email but sorry, not helpful, don’t see any signs of progress with this problem. Can you please help?

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