Roon parametric EQ for Sonos

Sonos network
Several Sonos speakers.

Hi everyone! Please I need your help I’m new in the Roon software.

I been FOH engineer for several years. Tired of cables all around and doing installations every day in work some years ago I got a Sonos system mostly for streaming convenience.

But I’m not 100 percent pleased with the sound. It Is possible to EQ the Sonos system through the Roon Software?

Thanks in advance.

Sure, you can use all Roon DSP functions incl. parametric EQ, convolution filters, volume levelling etc. You can save as many DSP settings as you want and apply them with just some clicks.

Just curious: have you tried the SONOS internal Trueplay function? It measures the room response with your phone and optimises it by its own. Works pretty good imho. Also there’s a basic bass and treble EQ and a loudness function available in the SONOS app.

Hope you can tweak it to your liking.

Hi Alex pretty much what Phillip said.
If you have Sonos speakers start with Trueplay. It’s very good but you need an iOS device to set it up (besides on Roam or Move). Borrow an iOS device if you don’t have one as you only need to do it once.
After that you can play with bass and treble options to suit your tastes.

If you have something like an Amp then you can use the latter but not the Trueplay unless you have the matching speakers. But the Roon DSP also works well with all of them.

Have fun playing with the options.

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