Roon Partner Update 2024?

2023 showed a pattern of Roon Partner updates regularly occurring mid-month.

Thus far in 2024, there is no Roon Partner update.


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This is a sample size of 1 … and trying to draw a comparison / explanation is a fruitless exercise.

I’d recommend listening to some music for a year and then revisiting this.

Even then it’s still of questionable value.


We are just 1 month into 2024 (hence a sample size of 1) … so no Roon Partner updates this month … next month may be bumper month … who knows.

There is nothing conclusive that can be draw.

Because there is no update to give I would assume.


There are device owners awaiting Roon Partner status, or potential owners of devices awaiting Roon certification.

Perhaps someone working in, or with direct knowledge of, the Roon Partner program will respond.

Roon have made it very clear they never comment on pending Roon certifications … so that leaves the partners themselves the majority don’t comment either (which imho is good), and those that do jump the gun end up in hot water from unhappy users that purchased on a “promise”.

Then there is us, we have no inside information so it’s pure speculation and wishful or naive speculation.

So there are those that know but will not say, those that say but should not … and those that have no idea but will offer theories based on hearsay.

This is why I suggested waiting a year so that 2023 can be compare to the whole of 2024.

Maybe comparing 2023 against 2022 would but interesting… but then, as our financial advisors always proclaim, past history is no guarantee of future performance.

Let’s see how this topic works out …


I presume you’re waiting for the announcement of Roon certification for a particular product?

Certification will be publicly announced when it’s done and not before.

Just because there was (apparently) a “pattern of Roon Partner updates regularly occurring mid-month” doesn’t mean that Roon are under any obligation to announce new partner updates every month.

January is generally a quiet month in business as people get back from leave over Christmas and new year and focus on their plans for the coming year…


Stay tuned for an extensive Partner Update - as @Carl mentioned the certification machine was in high gear in January. You can also check out our weekly partner announcements on our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn social media platforms.

The Naim Uniti Nova PE was announced yesterday, a dozen by Yamaha today, and several by Loewe were added last week. :+1:t3:


A Volunteer Moderator makes a smug remark (my perspective), which receives a response by me. Then, my response gets deleted. Perhaps @Carl’s remark was intended to be genuinely helpful, and I misinterpreted it.

@John_Mason, there was a Roon Partner Update January 18, 2023, so the theory of a quiet January doesn’t hold.

There was a Roon Partner update for January 2022 published February 4, 2022, so perhaps the January 2024 update is yet to come.

Thanks everyone, and particularly @jamie for a straightforward answer. Have a good rest of your day.

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Naim always seem to launch new products with RR being there from the off. A lot more partners should learn from them.

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Absolutely. Products should be launched as RR out of the box, without any of this “coming soon” nonsense.

A consumer should only ever buy a product based upon what features it has at launch, not what features the manufacturer “hopes” to make available down the road.

I guess the extra certification time required causes “go-to-market challenges” for smaller companies who need to ship as soon as the product is considered ready to launch. I expect Naim plan their (less frequent) product releases more carefully to make sure that the product “does what it says on the box” day 1. Which is what I would expect, given the “challenging” price of the new Nova PE!

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Yes it’s a tad pricey for an all in one class d product. Must be a call for it though, they are not doing badly given the cost of their kit in general. I swapped my Atom out last year for a different make but I have to say their Roon integration was the best I’ve had to date.

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I paid AppleOne $25.95/month, I can’t ask Apple for anything. Roon worth every penny.

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Roon Partner Update February 2024!

No Aurenders on the list. :-1:

Is this a Roon problem or an Aurender problem? In this FAQ (which is 4 years old but they still have it online) it’s Aurender saying that they don’t want to make it Roon Ready:

They have recently said some models capable will get Roon Ready, they may be in certification at moment. Can’t remember where I saw this mind.

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Talk to Aurender and ask them why they’re not Roon Ready.

Done that. Several times.

“It’s imminent” has been the reply since September 2023 (from Ari Margolis).