Roon Party Mode: Bluesound pulse flex 2 vs flex 2.1 (airplay 1 vs airplay2)

I’d like to use Roon’s party mode to have multi room audio. Thinking of buying Bluesound pulse flex for bathroom and kitchen.

As far as I understand, old one (flex 2) has airplay 1. New one (flex 2i) has airlpay 2.
Do I need new flex 2i to do party mode with Roon?
Thank you bunches in advance.

You can group together AirPlay (1 and/or 2) enabled Roon endpoints in the same zone for multi-room playback.

Both devices would need to be AirPlay “2” if you want to ever link them together outside of Roon.

Thank you so much for a quick reply. Very appreciated

You can mix any airplay devices in roon AP1 and AP2, I do.


Thank you James. I don’t need newer model = it already pays room purchace price :grinning:

I have a couple of ‘old ones’ (Pulse Flex) and they don’t have Airplay 1.

The newer one (Flex 2i) does have Airplay. I think that you can group the new and old ones using the Bluesound app and then play to them using Airplay 2 but a better solution is to ignore Airplay and just use the Flex 2 and Flex 2i as Roon (RAAT) endpoints. Thay way they can be grouped within Roon and you won’t need to use the Bluesound app to group them.

Yes, that’s what I replied to the OP’s post :slightly_smiling_face: