Roon PC to Airplay?

My laptop PC is running Roon. I have a Chromecast puck as an endpoint in my bedroom stereo. Roon on my PC did not “see” the Chromecast device until I activated the Google Home on my Android phone which had recognized the “puck” from previous use/setup. I’m pretty sure that without the phone, which I use to remotely operate Roon from around the house, my PC would not see the Chromecast puck and it wouldn’t work as an endpoint. Now, if I use an Apple i-Phone or i-Pod in the same way, will my PC running Roon see my Yamaha WXC-50 as an endpoint via Airplay, or am I required to use a Mac-book to run Roon if I want access to Airplay on the WXC-50? I can’t find this answer anywhere. Thank you

Any roon core should see any airplay devices and chromecast devices too

They must be on the same subnet as the core…no guest WiFi or WiFi with different IP address schema

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The Roon Core should just find the Yamaha as an AirPlay device. You just need to enable it in Roon settings. Note that you can’t mix Chromecast and AirPlay devices in the same multiroom group.

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