Roon Player or Roon

I have the Roon Server installed and I would like to listen via another PC which is connected to Chord HUGO DAC
Should I install Roon or Roon Player on that PC ?

If I install Roon on this PC, then how can I avoid someone using this PC from changing my Roon Server DB and settings ?

If you are doing it on a Windows machine you should be able to stop other users from accessing Roon if that is a worry. But if they need to control Roon, then they can do anything (including deleting files) that you can do.

I’m not clear as to how you would do this - could you expand on this?

Providing a Windows user has access to your home network, then there is nothing to stop them downloading Roon and then simply connecting to your Roon Core on that network…

If someone really wants to be a nuisance then they can’t be stopped no matter what security is put in place. My assumption was that of a casual user pressing the wrong buttons, not someone intending malice. But if I wanted to stop people doing something accidentally I’d give them a limited login profile in Windows. I am talking about young children or guest users.

Ah, right. But unfortunately, that profile could also not include Roon Remote as it currently stands - which leads us back to the long-standing request for proper profile management in Roon itself.