Roon playing louder?

I know this will sound crazy, but….

I’ve been away for 2 weeks and my whole system was shutdown.
After powering up everything I updated Roon to 1202.

Started playing this afternoon and was under the strong impression that for the usual volume knob position my system was playing way louder than usual.
As I measured the dB before my departure I had a valid point of reference.

Usually my volume knob is around 11 o’clock position, corresponding to -24db which gave me SPL around 70-75 dB with peaks to around 85 dB.

Today to obtain the same SPL, and the same subjective impression my volume was at 9 o’clock corresponding to -32 dB.

So a loss of 8 dB to get my usual level of music and also measured by the SPL meter.

As nothing changed in my system except the Roon update I’m completely lost to understand what’s happening.
I didn’t fiddle with the settings, my signal is lossless from beginning till the end.

Anybody care to present a possible explanation?

Hi, did you check the signal path and make sure you don’t have any unexpected volume leveling or headroom management or other DSP?

Absolutely, path was and still is completely lossless.

I would think it’s not Roon then.

Would then to agree with you but as nothing changed in the rest of my setup I’m quite puzzled….

As always, posting your signal path always helps.
You could try playing the same track through another lossless app and see if you get the same thing.

Couldn’t be simpler…:sunglasses:

Does the pre-amp have individual gain settings per source/input? Any chance they have been reset somehow?

Manual lists +/- 8dB gain offset available (you mentioned an 8dB change).

Good thinking, gain per source is indeed available but the Roon one was and is still set at 0.