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iMac OS X EI Capitan


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Linn Majik DSM.

Description Of Issue
I am new to Roon and on trial period.

I’m using Qobuz to create my playlists.

The set up works really well and I’ m very happy with it.

However, I want to reorder the tracks in my playlist and I cannot see how to move them about. Anyone out there able to assist?

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If it’s a Qobuz playlist you can’t reorder it in roon. You can make a local copy and change that.


This is something I was just thinking about requesting. Since this is not a bug I am going to move it to feature requests. If that is not okay let me know and I can move it back.

Just for the record I am also requesting this feature along with better 2 way integration of Qobuz in Roon in general

I just use Roon to make playlists for local or Qobuz-sourced media. With Roon, you can easily reorder the contents of a playlist.

Thanks for info. Reordering a playlist created using Qobuz is defiantly something Roon should look at putting in place. By locally creating a playlist do you mean creating it in Qobuz and then transferring that playlist to Roon? Is moving the playlist a simple procedure?

Thanks again for your quick reply’s everyone. I can now create the playlist I want.

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