ROON PLAYLISTS - functionalities must evolve!

I did not find anything specific about playlists, hence this thread. Playlists are a nice feature indeed, they are a longstanding facility in iTunes for instance, and it makes a lot of sense to have them in Roon. However, their implementation lack flexibility in my view, Roon playlists need to evolve somehow!

To start with, path change:

  • No external disk is warranted for lifetime, and no network configuration will last forever, so this playlist stuff is a general issue that I would like ROON developers to consider. So, upon changing storage path or disk name (in my case for maintenance and backup reasons) there is an issue with the playlist that all tracks from previous path become unavailable.
    Is there a trick for example to export the playlists, edit the path by global substitution then reimport ?
    I did not find any solution except than remove and replace manually EACH track. Hundreds of them in playlist. This is dumb work and time lost while a simple functionality should enable to change path or propose alternate paths, perhaps more elegant.

2 - Export/import

3 - Burn to disc or copy to path


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Have a look at this.

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Playlists should definitely update when you move your files to a new folder or drive.

Instructions are here – if you follow those instructions, Roon will track your files to their new location and preserve all your playlists, edits, play counts, etc.

Export and import are already supported as well.

Thanks for proposing this so openly!

Yes I use playlists a lot. An iTunes habit somehow. I like to group musical pieces according to my taste or even mood and be able to revisit it afterwards. Sometimes one is inspired for some association, by setting a playlist with it one can remember it, and share it so I see it like the « memory » of how I select musical moments and therefore it is important. Based on this, I t would be very useful to be able to make a selection in history or in a queue to define a playlist. A queue as a future history and a playlist can be seen as a named, memorized version, of both.
As per point 1 above it would be great to have playlist resist to path changes.
Like per my opening points 2 and 3 one should be able to ascii export, edit and import them.

Ideally the playlists would have a flexible imbricated structure, and could even be defined like sets, so you could group, intersect those, define logical operations.Attaching some image or comment would also be neat.
Searches in Roon should be crossable between playlists and genres for instance, but also with audio file format.
And there is a simple nice thing in iTunes playlists, that one can deselect temporarìly any element of list without having to delete it, so it will be skipped while playing the list but saved for later session.

Hope this helps, it would be even better that other users give their opinion too.

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Does it work the other way around? I’ll be upgrading to a better NAS. When I install the Core on the new NAS, is there a procedure to preserve as much as possible in customizations?

The process is a little different, but everything can be preserved.

Excellent thank you! Very timely to help me out.